Inspiration - Looking Down

Inspiration can be found everywhere... it's a good thing too since I am the only designer for Celebrated Lady. I am constantly searching for things that spark my creativity or a new idea. Different lines, shapes and colors can all catch my eye and lead me to something great and new.  It is a fun little game I play... like a scavenger hunt that has no list or clues so that I have to pay attention to every little detail.  This time around, I chose to look down.

What I found during this search was the art of school children scribbled on bricks at the American Museum of Glass at Wheaton Arts. There are little bins of sidewalk chalk placed all over the grounds that invite children and adults alike to leave their mark on the pathways. Most stop to write their name or play tic-tac-toe others draw pictures. I was inspired  by these pictures. I love the combinations of colors these anonymous artists used. They use their imaginations and choose whatever colors they desire! I am drawn to the freedom of their decisions. 

I also love the joy that emanates from each found little image. While these drawings might not be very complicated, they would loose that personality if replicated. I really feel like that you can feel the fun the children were having by viewing their work. I was so inspired after viewing all the little lines and images. This time around the colors and feeling of happiness are what really spoke to me... Things that I will most likely try to translate into my work.  I of course took lots of pictures... These are just my favorite pieces from my outing. I wanted to capture them before it rained making room for more art to take it's place. 

I think next time I might just look up.