Reunited And It Felt So Good!

This past weekend I attended the Moore College of Art and Design 2015 Reunion!

Before I go much farther I want to take a second and explain how Moore's Reunions work. Instead of only having your graduating class get together ever so often, Moore invites all alumni from all classes to an amazing gathering once a year. It is a lovely time when generations of creative women converge upon their Alma Mater to create, chat and learn! Literally it is like coming back to a day at Moore. Once again you feel like a student and you get to create in the company of your piers! In a way it is like recharging you creative batteries. Each year a selection of workshops and lectures are offered that take place throughout the day. This year I had the opportunity to have an introduction to the art of Shibori Dying! 

My teacher and fellow graduate of Moore was the wonderful Elizabeth McTear! Elizabeth creates beautiful American made, hand-crafted and environmentally conscious products for her company Honest Alchemy! Elizabeth shared here extensive knowledge and advice with the class. I found her to be absolutely inspiring. Here is a creative woman doing what she loves and making a living doing it.  I was instantly excited to start creating my own silk scarves to take home! We had four colors to choose from indigo, yellow, black and emerald and two scarves to dye.

Each woman had her own approach as we settled into making our masterpieces. We learned from each other as we saw different lines and techniques applied all the while following the gentle guidance of  Elizabeth.  I made mistakes, like wrapping the cloth to tight and being too ambitious but I am happy with the results. I made a blue scarf and a yellow scarf. I wanted to create simple but lovely pieces that I could be proud of in the end.

So much has changed since my time at Moore. Though I will say the halls still smell the same, the sun still shines into the galleries and it is still a safe haven for the growing and creative minds of ambitions women. I am so grateful to have these chances to return to Moore even just for a  day because it reminds me of the woman I became while there and the woman I am yet to become.