Yard Sale Finds - Statement Necklaces

Being a jewelry designer and bead maker I have a love for interesting vintage necklaces. I get so much inspiration from the use of colors and shapes!

The thing is usually I only get to find such jewelry at yard sales or flea markets. Which relies a lot on luck. This time I was lucky! I found four great necklaces three of which are made of wood and one that is bone. These necklaces are really unique and seem handmade. They each have a story that I will never know but that is kind of the fun of it. 

I decided I'm keeping two for myself. These two necklaces, besides looking nice on me, are simply just really interesting pieces. The hand panted wooden beads of the necklace above caught my eye immediately. I know it's kind of kooky but that is why I love it. The necklace below is simple in color but that's is so great about it. Both of these pieces make me feel like I'm somewhere tropical or interesting when I wear them. I was joking with my friends that they are "Jane of the Jungle Chic" Ha!

The last two are made of wood and bone. I plan on taking these two necklaces apart for salvage to use in my own jewelry. The beads will compliment my own handmade clay ones beautifully. I only take pieces apart when I feel that it is truly warranted. These pieces here while interesting alone will make something so cool and new that can be once again enjoyed. I plan to clean up each bead and see if I can repair the broken ones. From there I will work them into many new pieces.

It's always so interesting to me to see what ends up in yard sales. I always wonder why did this person choose to part with such interesting pieces. Then I get excited because I now know that I am giving the pieces new life and I will get to enjoy something unique!